A Little About Us...

On this tea journey we have sipped many a cup and enjoyed many a tea, seeing each pot as a way to connect, meditate or cherish one of the simpler pleasures of life. After years of sitting with this humble beverage, we decided to support the plants, people and culture that make up this ever evolving tea movement in a deeper, more holistic way. 
Our aim at Bardo, is not simply to offer you high quality tea, but it is also to weave the story that connects the soil, to the farmer, to the tea, to the cup.  We see tea not just as an age old tradition, but as a vibrantly alive culture that is changing before our very eyes and we want to be both supporters and catalysts of this movement.  
Part of this mission is to continue to work towards equal representation by supporting women’s roles in tea beyond the picking of the leaf.  We do this by taking great efforts to build relationships with female tea farmers and support them as tea growers.
Bardo is not only a story that exemplifies the tea leaf, but it is also an homage to the hands and hearts that work to accentuate the beauty in and around this beverage.  From craftspeople who make the pots, cups, utensils, incense and cushions, to the other artists and poets who breath their love for tea into all they create.
We welcome you to come sit with us at our table.  Through our journeys together, we promise to bring you teas that you will enjoy throughout the years and transform you in ways you have only begun to dream.