Bardo : The Space Between

Bardo is inspired by the 8th century CE Buddhist text, Bardo Thödol, describing the bardos or the levels of the dream state the dead enter into, following separation from their physical form. It can be thought of as the time between here and there; the time after the soul leaves the body and before it is reborn. Hence, it is the time in between. And that is precisely how we envision the journey of tea. It is the time taken between the activities of the day, to pause and sip.

Like the 3 bardos the soul must move through, there are three considerations when making tea: boiling the water; selecting the tea and teaware and lastly sipping the brew. Whether enjoyed with friends or alone this is a moment between you and space; between you and the other; between you and time. An excellent way to meditate or share stories.

Bardo is the time you take to enjoy what matters to you.  May you savor every sip.

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